Aviation English II (ICAO Level 4)

 Aviation English II (ICAO Level 4)
 Course #WAE 02914  

Course Length: 150 Hours
Cost: Student driven
Min No. of Students: 5
Max No. of Students: 12

After completing this course students should, in accordance with ICAO standards:

  • Be able to use English structure creatively and with rare interference in meaning
  • Accurately comprehend a range of work-related topics and aviation specific communications
  • Be able to pronounce and interact sufficiently for international aviation use at ICAO level 4
  • Be able to usually use air traffic/aviation vocabulary for effective communication on work topics
  • Speak with sufficient fluency to communicate using radiotelephony at ICAO level 4
  • Usually be able to respond immediately and appropriately in an aviation environment and maintain exchanges in an unexpected event

Description: WAE 02914 is a 150-hour intensive English course that meets ICAO Level 4 standards. It consists of 125 hours of face-to-face instruction and 25 hours of social interaction. The course is available in either an intensive 5-week model or a less-intensive 10-week model.