Training and Course Information


At WCG our goal in training is to be effective. And, if training is to be effective, course developers and instructors must follow the same consistent training methods and procedures. The key to training development and transformation for air traffic service providers is evaluation and a focus on continual improvement.

For WCG this process begins with the implementation of our process improvement plan represented in our Quality Manual. The foundation of our process improvement resides in the utilization of the Instruction System Design (ISD) Model. One more element of our approach  is ourTraining and Procedures Manual which establishes requirements and responsibilities for the development, revision, delivery, configuration management and evaluation of the WCG Training Programs. These documents can be seen here;

WCG offers a wide range of courses to supplement our consulting services, in addition to assisting agencies, the government, and business to access information on a personable basis. We offer a wide variety of courses, from Teambuilding to FAA certification.

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