From the President

WCG has been a critical asset in providing management, certification and proficiency training for air traffic systems throughout the world.  I take great pride in our service record with the aviation industry and our part in its operation and success.  I look forward to continuing that record by meeting the challenge of the future and bringing innovation and creativity to the management, operation and training processes to allow the continuation of the industry’s success.

I have always had three goals for the Washington Consulting Group that can be better expressed as imperatives:

1. Grow the business – This is an essential precept in the world of consulting and certainly most important in the aviation industry.  It is so dynamic and ever-expanding that companies today not only have to be vigilant of a constant changing technology environment but looking for opportunities to meet customer’s needs within that environment.  It is WCG’s intention to continually look for opportunities to leverage its leadership position and its assets to meet the expanding needs of a growing aviation industry.  This includes air traffic training, education, research and analysis.

2. Strive for excellence – WCG’s core asset and corporate base is air traffic infrastructure management and training.  We have been a major presence in this area for national and international customers for nearly three decades.  We have established a record for excellence by providing timely, well-designed and well delivered support and training at very competitive costs resulting in a high value for our customers.  However, our commitment is to strive for continuous improvement by staying informed and proficient in the latest management concepts, training technologies, educational theories and “best practices” that drive the business of air traffic control.  Our commitment is carried even further by the acquisition of highly qualified, experienced and credentialed experts in the field of air traffic operations, management, training and education.  This mix of experienced practitioners and skilled education professionals represents the best opportunity for our customers to receive state-of-the-art support that is both cost-effective and designed to produce highly qualified personnel for work in complex technological environments.  Our commitment to excellence, our nearly three decade experience in the aviation industry and our record of customer focus has established WCG as a world leader in air traffic support.

3. Build customer relationships – It is WCG’s desire to be more than a service provider for our customer by building relationships based on trust and a commitment to the customer’s vision and goals.  This requires focus, understanding and an absolute commitment to achieving the customer’s objectives…and more.  We accomplish this by a sincere interest in our customer’s operational and administrative environment, issues and objectives.  This allows WCG to provide a service that is uniquely tuned to their needs, blends with their mission…and always produces more than expected.

Armando Chapelli