Our Mission, Vision, and Quality Statement

The Washington Consulting Group has established itself as a leader in the international aviation community in the areas of air traffic management, operations and training. The WCG senior consultants have in excess of 100 years experience in senior executive and managerial positions within the FAA including policy formulation and execution; management and technical training; and technology applications. We provide consulting services, operational support and training for virtually every element that is critical to the operation of an air traffic system for both domestic and international clients. These services are developed and provided within the unique requirements of each client and designed to blend transparently within their organizations.

Our commitment is to continue to enhance that leadership position within the domestic and international aviation communities with a focus on pacing the rate of developing technology and growing economic demands on the aviation industry at large. Our corporate objectives include the continuous improvement in our product and services, a commitment to our clients’ goals and a safe and efficient world-wide air traffic system.

Quality Policy
The Washington Consulting Group, Inc. is committed to maintaining its reputation as a premier provider of Air Traffic Management support services. Our policy is achieved through client focus, continuous improvement and employee empowerment, training and teamwork. Our company values integrity and honesty in all our dealings with clients, vendors, and employees.

To ensure consistent client satisfaction, The Washington Consulting Group, Inc. has established a quality management system. The effectiveness of the quality management system will be continually improved by:

  • Setting and reviewing measureable quality objectives and working to achieve them
  • Monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of key processes
  • Providing the necessary resources for employees to effectively perform their duties

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